Mr. Harris

My name is Jeff Harris, I teach Focus, Web Design, and Gaming at Snohomish High School. In order to have a relevant class and avoid people being unable to complete work in class, I design my class so students will finish all of the work in class, if they attend every day and use class time wisely. If you are unable to finish for any reason, please make arrangements to come in before school (7 - 7:30), after school (Monday or Tuesday, until 3), or during panther period (ask for a pass, if I don't have you second period).

With regards to late work:

Date recorded until 1 week later: Up to 100%
Day 8 until day 14: Up to 70%
Day 15 through day 28: Up to 50%
Over day 28: Up to 20%

If you choose to turn in a required presentation and not present, I can only allow a maximum of 70 percent.

Please be considerate of your classmates, yourself, and Mr. Harris. Please don't talk so loudly that it keeps others from working or concentrating. Many students will not say something like, "your extremely loud talking is distracting me." I also ask that you be considerate of anyone giving a presentation, even me, and I'll do the same and expect others to do so.

I try to have a short presentation nearly every class day, I try to make it quick, then students start working on a project. I ask that you listen to my short presentation and try to work through the examples that come up on the overhead. It is tough to recreate what was covered on the overhead when students who followed the presentation have questions, so please be considerate of everybody's time.

Games and video usage have become a big problem that I need to focus on this year. I have to be consistent with game use, to avoid the perception of favoritism, games are not allowed, videos other than Gaggle Tube is not allowed. I’ll warn you once, then email your parents with an FYI to your administrator, then give you a detention the third time, a referral the fourth. The administrator will decide what will happen the fourth time.

I'll call or email home anytime I think it will help my class or you to become more productive. I'll email grades home often, usually after about 3 weeks until near the end of the semester. Don’t use a flash disk or floppy disk in class without talking with me first, even if it is just to print out an assignment. I reserve the right to ask you to open the disk so I can see what is on the disk. My fear is the flash disk will have games or software on it that might damage the computer, or other student’s assignments. It is against the rules to install software on the computers.

I'll contact your parents and administrator if it appears you installed software on the network or your computer. By software, I mean games or programs that you installed, not the district. I don't mean data files that are required.

Feel free to email me at with assignment questions. I prefer you turn in work to the share drive.